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A note from our Founder - Jan Moshier

I first discovered going with a team of people to share the gospel in 1988. I went on a four day bus ministry team that did monthly outreaches in major cities across the U.S. The experience started with a long, cramped,800 mile overnight ride to New Orleans. Breaks and meals were in truck stops.

Once at our destination I didn't understand the rhythm of the team. I was apprehensive after a long church and crammed bus ride took us to witness in a rough area of New Orleans East Bank at dusk. The neighborhood had a few burned out houses overgrown with trees coming out the top, along with drug houses scattered among family residences.

Spreading out over a two block area, I walked with one team member and three local people who were barely understandable for their southern accents. In a short distance we came upon an old woman leaning on a fence post and stopped to talk and pray for her. This is the place I witnessed the first healing miracle I had ever seen. It was so overwhelming just trying to take it all in. Later that night I saw people receive Jesus into their lives and watched awestruck as they totally transformed.

That trip was my beginning. I continued to join the trips seeing things I had only read about in scripture. That trip was one of the most difficult confrontational things I ever did in my life. But that same trip also became one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. I had a huge realization that as small and inconsequential as I am in the world, I really can make a difference in someone's life.

In the years following, I continued mission team travel eventually going into Africa. I have been in every position on a team from the new one in the back trying to figure it all out, to running the teams from the front. Some teams felt safe and loving, and some left me worried that I may need to find my own way home. I have learned what it takes to have a successful short term mission trip.

The purpose of this website is to share my many years of experience. I have lived out being disconnected, scared, irritated, uncomfortable, or just wanting to go home. I have also experienced being so full of excitement and joy I can barely contain myself, filled with more love and compassion than I had never known.

I want bring confidence and joy to teams everywhere, and also to the people around the world teams touch. This is the definition behind the sentence in the ministry description of “taking Christ's light and reaching the world with excellence.” It’s giving team members the tools they need so their trip was excellent, personally, as a team, and with the mission they set out to accomplish.

I pray to the Lord of the harvest that the workers come and have amazing spiritual experiences that will compel them to return again and again. I pray for the harvest that is ready and waiting.

Be encouraged! Be inspired! Learn about Love!

  • As we go, our lives are changed!
  • That's the gospel
  • Check out some of the adventure stories below of when the Lord's presence changes everything.
  • Heaven invades Earth!
  • Proof that God is here. Proof that He cares. Proof of His outrageous love for all.
  • A life of outreach is like no other ~ It's filled with joy, love, faith, and fun!
  • The world is waiting!!

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