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Lightreach has 25 years of unique experience in team ministry.

Teams are formed by many. Some are tremendously successful teams. Some teams fall short for a multitude of reasons. Team members, whether local or international destined, all need equipping to achieve what they hope and pray they will accomplish. Lightreach aims to fill that gap.

Please see the About Us section to understand all about Jan and Lightreach.

Lightreach equips team members and team leaders so they can go out in excellence, be highly successful, and bring the Christ’s light to reach multitudes of people in His love.

Together we can make a tremendous difference in our world!

1 Meetings:

Jan is happy to schedule meetings to help train, or to explore the possible ways Lightreach can help your group. In person, on the phone, or by Skype, let’s get together!

2 Retreats:

An overnight retreat is a great total emersion way to bring a group out of each of their fears and concerns and into the realm of reaching out to others with love and compassion while team purposes are achieved such as building, renovating, medical, or meeting emergency needs. Every team member needs to be ready and confident to be a guide and example to assist others in their spiritual walk no matter what job they are doing.

This is also a time for team members to form a strong loving bond able to be in one accord, holding each other up, and learn how to make their team a place of fun, safety, openness, and prayer along with working together in harmony to accomplish their goals.

Schedule your retreat and make your team a team of excellence! A Lightreach Certificate of Completion given to each member, providing them with credentials demonstrating going above and beyond in the pursuit of excellence in ministry

3 Conference Speaker:

Are you considering a Mission Trip or forming a local Outreach Team? Jan Moshier, founder of Lightreach will come and inspire you to go to the world with the knowledge you need, along with years experiences filled with amazing stories and revelations of seeing the Holy Spirit work through teams and change people’s lives forever. Jan has the heart of love and the humor to bring people off the pews and into the world with the inspiration and ability needed to truly make a difference. Isn’t that what we all dream of?

4 Consults:

Jan will be happy and honored to help you trouble shoot ways to improve your current teams, or ideas plan your mission team to be highly effective, and also life changing for each of them. As leaders, our job is to take teams out in such a way that they will fall in love with a place and its people, and most of all want to return. “The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few,” according to the Lord. We as leaders need to equip ourselves to work in loving-kindness with our teams, remembering always God’s army is a volunteer army. They don’t have to be here and they don’t have to return. Good leaders know they are servants to all. Contact Jan through the contact section of this site.

Contact Us Today!

5 The Lightreach Equipping Program is coming!

Exciting New Offer!

See Your Team go in confidence and fresh revelation of how to be the love and light the world needs so desperately!

Lightreach is currently putting together an Equipping Program Package that will bring an information and revelation packed three part training on a DVD set plus all the materials needed to prepare your team to truly be the light that reaches into all the world.

This program can guide a weekend retreat, or be used in weekly preparation meetings. Each of the six easy to understand and fun to take part in teachings, builds on the previous, bringing new revelation and understanding, while irradiating all fears and concerns. Jan teaches with stories and demonstration, knows how to laugh at herself bringing joy and inspiration to all.

This program will be available February 2015

For the package price of $227.00 including shipping and handling, you can totally equip your team to go in confidence!

Lightreach is making available preorders through November.

If you preorder and prepay now, you will only pay the discounted price of $197.00 with shipping and handling included. Again this discount only available for the months of September through November.

Order the complete equipping program now and your next team will thank you!

"Love looks like something”

In the poignant words of Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries in Mozambique, "Love looks like something," If you're thirsty, love looks like a drink of water, if you're hungry, food to eat, if you're hopeless or grief stricken, hope and comfort. We have to learn to become sensitive and appropriate to people.

Then they know their heart cries are heard, and someone truly cares. If outreach training of Jan Moshier's were put into a few words it is teaching people how to be love to others and let go of their fear. It's in grasping a very personal experience that the Lord walks with us and guides us as we reach out to others.

Our loving God is very concerned with the people of the world hearing the truth that sets them free. The best thing I can hear while in the streets is, "You're a Christian aren't you?" This is because several scriptures including 1 John tell us that we Christians will be known by our love. That's when we are Jesus to people, His words, His kind acts. That's when we find out it's not about us. We become just the messenger, the conduit for a God who is love reaching for His precious creations.

We begin to realize we are the branch attached to the True Vine in John 15 that produces fruit and much fruit. It's the moments when the scriptures not only come alive but we're living them. How amazing when we no longer wait until Friday nights to share our faith.

But we suddenly start seeing the ones that the Holy Spirit has prepared that are standing in grocery store lines, or next to us in airplane seats, or waiting for their car repair. We become the living epistles spoken of in Corinthians, We see the joy of making a difference in a person's life. We discover we CAN make a difference in a world that tells us we cannot.

In Jan’s Words:

To anyone who thinks that the Christian life is boring, I want to say working for the Lord I have flown around the world uncountable times, dived in the oceans, sat with tribal people in Africa, with Indians in Northern Canada, I have been feet away from wild animals, face to face with sharks in the ocean, ridden in hot air balloons and watched the dawn come. I have met and loved people all over the world and sat in their tents, huts, dirt floor homes and palaces.

I have made close friends of tribal natives and people everywhere. All because I go anywhere God wants me to go to tell people about Him. I have experienced miracles upon miracles from documented healings to people coming back from death. My life as a Christian is the furthest from boring one can imagine. And, I'm only just beginning. When I go to heaven it will be high speed with my hair on fire, skidding in yelling "What a ride!" I love my life and want to represent our God for the rest of my days.  

This is Lightreach and Jan's prayer for you too.

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