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  • Lightreach travels to Kenya every year. Please watch this site for the announcement of our 2015 team trip dates
  • Lightreach is forming a new local street team that will be meeting for a prayer and teaching time then going to the streets in Peoria, Illinois. This team will be going out every other week. Watch for dates!

The Essence of Outreach

In the poignant words of Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries in Mozambique, "Love looks like something." If you're thirsty love looks like a drink of water, if you're hungry, food to eat, if you're hopeless or grief stricken, hope and comfort.

We have to learn to become sensitive and appropriate to people. Then a person knows their heart cries are heard, and someone truly cares. If outreach training and experiences of Jan Moshier through Lightreach were put into a few words, it is teaching people how to be love to others and let go of their fear. It's in grasping a very personal revelation that the Lord walks with us and guides us as we reach out to others.

Our loving God is very concerned with the people of the world hearing the truth that sets them free. The best thing I can hear while in the streets is, "You're a Christian aren't you?" This is because several scriptures including 1 John tell us that we Christians will be known by our love. That's when we are being Jesus to people in His words and His kind acts. That's when we find out it's not about us. We become just the messenger, the conduit for a God who is love reaching out to His precious creations. We begin to realize we are the branch attached to the True Vine in John 15 that produces fruit and much fruit. It's the moments when the scriptures not only come alive but we're living them.

How amazing when we will no longer wait until outreach times to share our faith. But we suddenly start seeing the ones that the Holy Spirit has prepared for us to speak to, as they’re standing in grocery store lines, or seated next to us in airplane seats, or waiting for their car repair. We become the living epistles spoken of in Corinthians. We come to know the joy of making a difference in a person's life. We discover we CAN make a difference in a world that tells us we cannot.

Current International Missions

Lightreach has been working in Bamba, Kenya, bringing teams of outreach workers for nine years. Bamba is considered a coastal town but located an hour inland from the Indian Ocean in harsh desert bush country. It is the central town of the Guriama tribe which is one of 42 tribes that make up Kenya.

People here live in constant crisis searching for any available water, which is mostly contaminated, resulting in much disease and death. They also face the inability to sustain most crops and livestock due to frequent drought conditions. Unable to earn a living, many men drift away in search of food or jobs. The community left behind has a great number of women and children along with elderly living on their own. Government assistance is non-existent.

When Lightreach came to Bamba in 2005 and returned in 2006, we became the first group to ever return. Any others only came once and decided it was so harsh there the situation was hopeless. We continue to make a difference in the quality of life of the Guriama. We have brought medical camps, clothing, truckloads of food and tank trucks of water to meet emergent needs along with building and education.

Completing the well project will take the community from constant crisis to the ability to have long term goals. Once water is established, we will center on providing education and job training and micro loans for small business.

The first building project was erecting a large pole barn style building made of heavy support poles and rafters covered in steel sheeting and screening. The building was overflowing with people even before it was completed and quickly became church and community center wrapped into one as we reached out with basic needs for the community. This building is in need of renovation.

Lightreach has since helped buy land and build a large stone block addition onto the main building. Water will allow for basic plumbing needs. The next planned project is to build an education and training center with attached bunk rooms, bathrooms and kitchen. People come long distances on foot so stay for several days to learn, so require housing and food. The kitchen facilities will be both for guests and a daily feeding program for the most desperate of widows and homeless children.

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How to Pick Your Mission Trip

Before signing up for a trip there are a few things to consider. Some are obvious like will I be able to be free during those dates. But some are not so obvious so here’s a check list for you:

1 How long is the trip?

2 How big is the team, and do you know anyone?

3 What type of team is it? Construction, helgivep projects, drama and skits, working with children, teaching, outreach and evangelism, medical, emergency services?

4 Learn exactly what will be expected of you and what your roll is.

5 Will the leader have preparation meetings, will you receive information on the culture, the language – a few needed words, the area you will be working?

6 Find out the daily routine and how difficult it will be. Will you move about in vans or will you be walking distances in rough terrain?

7 Find out the plans for meals. Make sure all of your meals are included in the price of the trip or exactly how much extra money you will need to bring.

8 Find out about sleeping and bathroom/shower accommodations. They can be anything from modest hotels to church pews using outdoor facilities. Make sure the accommodations are feasible for you. Know the level of safety.

9 Your trip cost should include transportation to and from the place, and transportation while you are there, all hotels or accommodations, three meals a day, and hopefully enough to take the group to at least one sightseeing trip while there.

10 Know the pacing of the leaders. Is there is time to rest and reflect, time to talk about what has happened in the day, and some time for fun along with the work. You need to pace yourself so you can finish strong. Know that you can keep up with this team.

When you join the team that’s right for you, you will not just survive, but you will thrive. You will want to return again and again because when you’re prepared and the details are taken care of, you are free to fall in love with the people and the place and work with excellence.

Attention Team Leaders!

Post your outreach or mission trip here! When you go through the equipping classes in person or complete the program, you can post your upcoming team and contact information here to gather members. Potential members must have taken the equipping course as well. This will insure prepared team members that will work with excellence.



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